​About Grand Monarque Legend

Origins from the 20th century

The existence of the Grand Monarque in Chartres is attested since the 17th century. The establishment is then called Auberge Sainte-Barbe and welcomes merchants and other travellers, particularly during the period of the « Foire aux Barricades ». At the end of the century, the inn becomes a post house and remains as such throughout the 18th century.  Indeed, the geographical position of Chartres makes it an ideal stop, midway between Paris and the Loire, between the regions of the west, Orléanais, Anjou, the Maine and the Touraine.

Prestigious guests therefore throng to the Grand Monarque, which takes its name from King Henry IV, only King of France crowned in the cathedral of Chartres in 1594.  Amongst these well-known travellers, throughout the centuries visited the Empress Marie-Louise, the Austrian Archduke François-Ferdinand of Habsburg, Marshal Lyautey, the writer Rudyard Kipling, the Duke of Westminster, Anatole France, Adolphe Thiers…

From this precious heritage, the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hôtel Grand Monarque has kept its authenticity while providing the modern touches necessary to meet the needs of our guests.

From 1968 to today

It is in 1968 that the Jallerat family gets involved with the Grand Monarque. Georges and Geneviève Jallerat, young 25 year old couple, fall in love with the charm of the place. With hard work and dedication, together they hoist the hotel-restaurant in the forefront of the establishments in the region, laying down the foundations for what will be the spirit of the Grand Monarque : the elegance of a beautiful provincial home and the authenticity of true French cooking.

After managing the place for 30 years, the Jallerat couple passes on the Grand Monarque to their son, Bertrand, in 1999. With his wife Nathalie, he takes on the adventure. The couple does not deny anything but instils a more contemporary touch by first creating, in 1999, a bistrot offering simple, popular and affordable dishes served with wine by the glass, which opens the doors to a new clientele.

Then, through its elegant décor and thanks to a kitchen team in tune with its time, the gastronomic restaurant obtains one star from the Guide Michelin® in 2009. In the meantime, the bistrot has been moved to the courtyard, an elegant patio with cut stones and a traditional glass roof, allowing in fine weather to eat outdoors for lunch or dinner.  Then, Le Madrigal, fully decorated by Nathalie Jallerat, becomes once again the popular bar of the people of Chartres and Beauce and in a lounge, cosy and chic setting, it allows you to have a drink while listening to jazz.

All the while creating these new places that redefine French style art of living with a touch of modernity, Bertrand and Nathalie have not forgotten to cherish the strong points of their home : an exceptional cellar, themed evenings that mix wine-growers and regulars, musicians and guests stopping by, during exceptional weekends.

Finally, in 2010, they both create a spa of more than 850 m² in size at the heart of their establishment so as to satisfy always more international and demanding customers.

This dynamism, this constant curiosity that Haute Cuisine and the French hotel industry can best provide, this love of the vine and conviviality: that's the Jallerat spirit.