Jallerat spirit

Georges and Geneviève Jallerat

Founding couple of the Grand Monarque’s spirit, Georges and Geneviève Jallerat worked over 30 years at the helm of this local institution. As a true pioneer that does not hesitate to tackle the most impossible challenges, Georges Jallerat has put his experience to serve this strong adventure, full of emotions.

It must be said that the man was shaped from an American background. At 20 years old, he goes to live one year in New York City and works in a restaurant where he works in all positions, from dishwasher to maître d’hôtel. In 1968, with his wife, he takes the head of the Grand Monarque and creates in 1975, a catering company. In 1982, Georges Jallerat founds « La Paulée », an annual event that honours the Loire wines and their diversity.

The Jallerat name is from then on bonded with the Grand Monarque and is closely linked to Chartres and its people.

Bertrand and Nathalie Jallerat

Bertrand Jallerat took over what he inherited from his parents, driven by the same desire to receive and see the Grand Monarque carry on. So he receives a strong education from Lausanne Hotel School before joining the famous Paul Bocuse kitchens where he works for 3 years. He supervises the opening of 3 brasseries and manages the recovery of Le Petit Riche restaurant in Paris.

His wife Nathalie is specialized in communication. It is with great taste that she imagines a new decoration for the bedrooms, choosing the theme of linen. Nathalie Jallerat also contributes to the Spa Beby’s launch and the Carita® hair salon.

Hand in hand, the 2nd generation Jallerat couple shapes the establishment’s personal style that they have managed since 1999, always respecting the history of the Grand Monarque.